Forklift Training and Licence in Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria

Telephone: (03) 5971 3357
Mobile: 0400 601 801

Questions about the Forklift Licensing

How old do you have to be to get your Forklift Licence?
You have to be 18 years and over.

I don’t have a Drivers Licence – can I still get my Forklift Licence?

How long does a Licence last?
For 5 years.

I have plans to try and get a forklift job in another state can I drive forklifts legally in other states with this Licence?
Yes, this is a National Licence.

What does LF and LO mean?
LF is a Licence for a forklift (Loadshifting Forklift). LO is a Licence for an order picker (Loadshifting Orderpicker). The order picker is a forklift that elevates the operator with the load.

When can I start driving forklifts in Industry?
As soon as you have passed your test with us you will be issued with an interim Licence and can drive a forklift legally. 

I have a Forklift Licence gained overseas. Is this enough to drive with in Australia?
No, there is no ability to transfer overseas forklift qualifications to a “Licence for High Risk Work”.