Forklift Training and Licence in Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria

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Scissor Lift Training Centre

 Our Scissor Lift Course provides trainees with the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate competencies in using a Scissor Lift. You are assessed on the practical and theory competencies in Scissor Lift.

Content Includes:

  •      Prevention of falls at the workplace.
  •      Familiarisation of a Scissor Lift, understanding
         data plates and warning notices.
  •      Pre-operational checks and post operational checks.
  •      Start up procedures.
  •      Safe Scissor Lift operation and safe elevation.
  •      Consequences of unsafe operating procedures covering stability
         characteristics, driving and driving on inclines.
  •      Parking.
  •      Practical and Theory assessments.


Each participant completing the course
successfully will be issued with a Scissor Lift Competency Card.